In life there can be many first time experiences that become a special part of our memories. Destined to never be forgotten, they can seem as real today as the day they happened. Maybe the first day of school or even your first kiss. Very memorable and exciting events. What special memories are forever etched into our minds?

The first of July I ran my first marathon in moonbeam, it was a 10k marathon. It was my second time running a 10k and I got to beat my time of 15 minutes! My first marathon was such a great feeling. The race began at 9am so it was the perfect temperature to run. Not too cold and not too hot. My goal was not too be the first, I wasn’t even worried of being last, my goal was to finish it. It was hard but the kind of exhaustion you feel after a marathon is a whole different kind of tired. You are completely drained of all physical, emotional, and mental strength. Every muscle in my legs were burning, and they were hurting a lot. When you past the  finish line the sense of relief is enormous. Your brain can finally shut down, the splits, the mile markers, the worrying about the pace, too fast, too slow, too soon, too late, it’s over. Was it worth it? Oh Yeah! No regrets. I can’t wait to run my next marathon! Next year, I am thinking of doing a half marathon! With motivation, you can achieve anything!

You should all try to run a marathon, it is such a good experience:)

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