Hello! For this blog assignment  we have to create a 30 second commercial on what we would do to catch the audience’s attention and increase the sell of personalized towels.

I would like to start by saying thank you to Signature Towels.  for sponsoring the miss teen Canada world pageant.  Signature towels are towels that you can add your unique personal touch to. You can have it in any colors you want and you can add your name or your initials on it. It is a perfect gift that you can offer to your loved ones or a gift you can make yourself! Also, its a gift for a boy or a girl and for all ages. Everybody needs a towel right?



  • Perfect gift
  • Personal gift
  • Everyone uses towels, you can’t go wrong with it as a gift
  • Signature Towels gives you the option of making it unique for the person you like toEach product is carefully researched until we are satisfied that the quality befits our brand. We take pride in offering only the highest quality product. gift; fun and trendy, or elegant and classic
  • They offer good service and they want to keep a good relationship with their customers.
  • They strive to keep their costs low so they can deliver excellent quality gift services at very reasonable prices.
  • No matter the quantity or specifications, Signature Towels ensures to have the order exceed to customer’s expectations.


Have you ever been in a situation were you fought over a towel? Many people has, especially in big families . In my 30 second commercial I want to show how many advantages there is to have a personalized signature towel. There are many things I could show in the commercial, I definitely would capture all the uses there is for this type of towel. For example, you could bring it to the beach, you could bring it to the public pool, you can use it in your own bathroom and many more. Lets see what I would capture in my 30 second commercial on the advantages of a signature towel.



The first 10 second scene would be in  a public pool where there is a lot of people and sometimes when you come out of the pool you only want to get your towel to warm up. It happens that you take the wrong towel or someone takes yours by accident. By having a signature towel you would immediately see  that your name is on it and you would  be sure that it is yours. In my commercial I would capture kids playing in the pool and then there would be a little boy coming out of the pool and running to get his towel because he is freezing, I would show 2 identical blue towels but then on one of them there would be the little boys name so he would know that its his towel.

The other 10 second scene would start with the song splish splash by Bobby Darin and there will be two little girls playing in a bath and having a good time. The first 5 second of the scene would be when the little comes out of the bath they start fighting over their towels. What wouldn’t siblings fight over right? So the girls are fighting because there is a pink towel and a purple one and they both one the pink one. They are screaming and fighting and pushing each other until mom stops doing the dishes and comes in to stop the fight. In the other half of this scene, I would show the same scenario. The two little girls laughing and splashing each other. The difference is that when the two little girls comes out and take there towel without fighting because they have their names written on it. Not only it stopped the fight, but mom didn’t have to stop doing the dishes to stop the fight.

In the last 10 second scene. There would be sad music playing. When a little boy comes out of the shower and is looking for his towel, he see’s that its not there. He screams for his mom to bring a towel and she answers that they are all in the laundry! His mother is mad because she has so many laundry to do with all these towels!  After this scene there would be the same scenario again, but, when the little boy comes out of the shower there would be 5 towels on a hook with each of the family member’s name so he won’t have to scream to his mother to get a towel.

Like you noticed, not only is the signature towel a great gift that will last long and be personalized. It also creates a better atmosphere in the family. It reduce fighting between sibling and it is also environmental friendly because there is not as much laundry to do.  I know that in my case, half of the laundry is only with towels, imagine how much laundry we would save with Signature towels!  How often are we looking for ideas to buy gifts for a birthday or Christmas or any special occasions? Instead of buying a card with money or a gift certificate, signature towels would definitely be better! From now on, when I need to buy a gift for someone on special occasions, I will buy signature towel gifts!


Miss teen Hearst world,

Kara Fillion 🙂



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